The calling of Motherhood

Motherhood is tough calling. It is one where we are called to pour so much of ourselves into others. But there is one thing that we must remember no matter how tough things get.

YOU WERE CHOSEN FOR THIS! Just as God has called you, He has also equipped you because He chose you!!

We have these amazing women in the Bible who raised amazing and anointed babies. And we see some of the anguish and pain they have endured. We see Hannah cry out to God for a son that she would never get to raise. We see Hagar on the brink of breaking because she did not know how to supply for her son. We see Jochebed with great faith and determination to see her child live. We see Rebekah fight to see a son walk in promise. We see Mary cry out because she could not protect her son.

Mother’s come from all different walks of life and backgrounds but this one thing is for sure. WE OUR THE NEEDED INTERCESSORS FOR OUR FAMILIES. You are needed!! God assigned you to take care of His little ones by the love, power, and authority He has placed in the inside of you!

During these biblical moments, we see Gods grace, His comfort, & His love. He still shares these things with the mothers of today. There is grace for your calling. Wherever you feel you need to see grace and growth from God, be the mother that cries out for mercy!

Here is what you are charged to do.

Pray for your babies. War for your babies. Guide your babies. Make sure they know God. Don’t just tell them about God, but be the manifestation of Gods grace in their lives. You are one to lead your kids to success and VICTORY!! Be the mother that is determined to see Gods glory in Her calling. Here are a few things you can do.

1. Ask God for guidance on how to show up best for the assignment..

2. Know that He is covering it and you don’t have to carry that burden alone

3. Never give up. No matter how old or how far your kids are, they will always need their mother. And when life ends, they will forever cherish the memories and the lessons

4. Give yourself grace!!! Accept the grace that God has for you and choose to walk in it. Even if you do not have young children anymore, forgive yourself for the things you may still hold on to

Mama, You are necessary and I am so glad that you are here! Here is a prayer for your continued journey!

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for the mothers that you have placed in the earth. I pray for the journey. I pray for their growth. I pray for the wisdom and pray for the strength they need for their calling. I pray they open their heart for your guidance because according to Jeremiah 29: 11 you have a plan for us. And in that plan you are going to prosper us, you are going to give us hope, you are going to give us a future. We know that when you commissioned, shaped and structured us to walk in the role as a mother, it was part of your plan. So God take charge down this path and lead us in this journey that we will have success and we will thrive in the role of a mother, May you be glorified in this place. In Jesus name. Amen!

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