Third Quarter Press

It’s the beginning of the third quarter and we have just come out of halftime. Have you taken the time to meet with your coach to find out how you performed the first half and what it is that you can possibly do different this half to secure the win?

What goals did you start out with this year? Whether they are financial, spiritual, business, or even personal. God is the God of all things, and all things are His. As we are beginning this third quarter of the year, we need to take with us every word that our God has given us so that we can finish strong.

The other week I participated in a shut-in prayer night. During the third watch (hours 12-3a.m.) God gave me this word. He said pursue. In the third watch we need to be aware of Satan’s schemes against us. Be aware that he is coming to make sure that we are not victorious and to make sure that we do not secure the win. But just as he is busy plotting against us, we too need to be busy. We need to be busy setting our day with prayer and scripture. Praying against every plot and plan of the enemy has already tried to set in motion.

In this hour, we need to heavily pursue God and we need to be aware that our opponent is pursuing us. He is not sitting back to even let you breath the thought of victory. He already has plans to keep you from reaching the goal. We are talking about a full court press! We need to strengthen ourselves in the word so that no weapon formed may prosper (Isaiah 54:17). We need to put on the full armor of God so that we can stand against our opponent and dominate the game (Ephesians 6). These are places of preparation. Places of anticipation. If you know that you have plans to finish this half of the year strong, know that the enemy is not going to sit back and quietly let you take the W. Our plan for victory starts off the court. It starts with our mindset and determination to do all that we can to prepare, so that when we face our opponent, we are fully equipped to win!

Have you sat down and really gave God your time? Have you had your halftime talk with Him? What is He telling you to do in this quarter? It is time for us to receive God’s direction. It is time to explore new territory with God. It is time to review the past and make plans for the coming. GREATER IS COMING! Time to cover yourself with wisdom, power and dominion. Gain your spiritual strength, pursue God first, so that you can pursue the victory in your second half. It is time to be the champion that God created you to be!

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33

One thought on “Third Quarter Press

  1. Phyllis Grier

    This is so on point and timely. Thank you for hearing God and reminding all of us we have to meet him at the court and get new directions. There’s been a change in the game!!

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