Love Letter

Dear Heavenly Father,

Lord you are my keeper. You guide and you supply every one of my needs.

You bring me so much peace and calm all my storms.

You replenish me with all that I lack, and, in my weakness, you are my strength.

You are increasing in me to make me the righteousness of You.

When there is darkness all around me and I stand face to face with my enemies,

I will be courageous and fear not for you are with me.

Your discipline and correction I know are out of the love you have for me, and I thank You.

You are blessing me abundantly, even when others oppose me.

You have called me as one of your own.

Your blessings are overflowing.

Your grace and salvation are eternal Lord and I will keep them in my heart for all of my life so that I may be with you in heaven forever. Amen!

Reference scripture Psalms 23

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