10 Promises to give Thanks unto the Lord!!

With today being the that so many give thanks for family and loved ones, let us not forget to give a praise unto God. He is so amazing and so I just want to take a moment and ask you to join me as I go before the Lord. Not to ask anything of Him or with any expectations, but simply to bless His name and give Him thanks. I pray you bless, simply by blessing Him.

Thank you God for being the everlasting Father who shows us goodness through your grace and your mercy. We will praise you for being the God of gods and the Lord or lords. Thank you for being you!

With His righteous hand He will uphold you!!!

Lord we thank you, that in addition to your grace and mercy, you give us peace. When we are in fear and may not know what to do, you give us strength and sustain us in your righteousness!

God we thank you so much for the Savior. God we praise you for loving us so, that you sent your son to save us and usher us into everlasting life if we only believe. The promise of salvation!!

One of my favorite things to say… Lord thank you so much for not leaving me in my mess, but by the blood of Jesus, which cleanses us and makes us new, my sins are forgiven and I can receive grace. Agape love! Thank you for the blood!!

The word says that sin =death, but because the victory that comes from the blood, the promise of salvation for those who believe, we shall not die spiritually to the Father. Jesus we give you thanks for the victory that you secured for us through your sacrifice of giving your life and the resurrection.

I love it here when the Lord says “Take heart! I have overcome the world” Yesss He saysing to us what are you worried for. I told you got this, just stand tall and trust.

Lord we thank you for the good news of Jesus Christ that brings peace to us in a world full of trouble and tribulation. We thank you for the access that Jesus brings.

The word teaches us, that through the acts of Jesus Christ, we all have access and repentance that can give us eternal like in heaven, should we choose.

So again, Lord we truly thank you for access. We thank you that you did not leave us out of the promise, but that you loved us so that you granted us repentance and salvation. No one can stand in our way to eternal glory, because you yourself gave us the gift of life!!

All praises and thanksgiving be unto the Lord, that not only did he give us the promise of eternal life for those who believe, but he gave that promise to our children as well. It is our job to teach our children the word of God, and so we praise him that through his extended promise, our teaching shall not be in vain, but the promise shall be uplifting to our family for generations to come!!

For all that you do and for all that you have done, we praise you and we thank you. For your promises now and your promises to come, we lift you up. You are indeed Good, and we bless your Holy name. Hallelujah.

We Shall Proclaim

God Thank you so much for being King. For ruling with all power and authority. Thank you God, for being God!!

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